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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Katie Price 2011

Katie Price X Factor

Katie Price is reportedly hoping to land a role on the US version of The X Factor.

According to the Daily Star, Katie is planning to use Elton John's pre-Oscar party to corner Simon Cowell and make a case for what would be the most high-profile achievement of her career - not the mention the most surprising.

A source told the paper: "Kate and Simon have been pals for a long time. He thinks she's feisty, fun and likes the fact she doesn't take any rubbish from him or anyone else. She admires his business brain and how he has become a global success. They're a match made in ambition heaven and make a perfect couple."

Although the glamour model hasn’t explicitly said she is taking Cheryl Cole’s place on the UK series, she has admitted a big announcement is coming soon. “Everyone will be pretty shocked,” Katie told the Daily Star. “I’ve got a big grin on my face because I know what’s happening. I know people will say: ‘How does she do it?’”

The mum-of-three also alluded to the forthcoming statement on Twitter: “I’m sooo happy just had some VERY good news last.”

Simon Cowell has said before that he thinks Katie would work well on the panel, saying, “Do I want Jordan as a judge on The X Factor panel? Yeah, that could work.”

There has been speculation that Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole had been offered the job, but Simon has not confirmed anything as of yet.

Jordan is also apparently meeting with Fox TV executives about other projects.

Today, Katie tweeted: 'On way to sign a exciting deal wooo'

The model has hired a major American celebrity agent to help her break the U.S.

And Katie has hinted she has a major deal in the pipeline. She said: 'Everyone will be pretty shocked. I've got a big grin on my face because I know what's happening. I know people will say: "How does she do it."'

A TV insider yesterday said: 'It would be a complete bolt from the blue if Kate landed this gig. But Cowell is a clever man and he loves Jordon.'
Jennifer Aniston Haircut 2011

Why the "bob cut?" Jennifer Aniston's longtime hairdresser, Chris McMillan, told Allure magazine that the actress didn't want to look like an extra from the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." "It was just time for a change," McMillan said. "We had a blast doing it. And we've always liked this haircut. It's about keeping things simple."
Catherine Zeta-Jones Golden Globes 2011

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Candice Boucher Playboy

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