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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to begin. She was bought as a slave by the young Prince, the Sheik's oldest son. She was young, only 19, and a virgin who had been kidnapped for the white slave trade. Deep green eyes, dark brown hair with some red and blond streaks, and creamy fair skin, she was a beauty to behold. Her owner had intended to use her for his most high profile customers, however, the first one to see her was the Prince.

Dark skin, jet black hair and melt-your-heart-chocolate brown eyes, the Prince was perfect. One look at the girl, and he bought her, took her home, and, gaining approval of his parents, married her and made her his first wife. He was 21.

The beloved Princess blessed the Prince with children, males and females. Two strong boys and two identical little girls. She was the Prince's only wife for many years. When the Sheik died suddenly, the Prince had to step up to his newly acquired responsibilities. His wife helped him as she could. However, as Sheik, he was to have many wives. She helped to choose his wives from the "gifts" he was given. Young, strong and of good heart, they must be virgins and fertile. Once chosen and cleaned, she told them exactly how to please the Sheik. The harem was in her charge. She had her own wing in the palace as the Sheik's favorite wife, the Sheikha.

Our story begins when the Sheik realises he is so busy trying to run his country and produce more heirs from his many wives, that he has neglected his favorite. Asking her forgiveness, he grants her with a slave of her choosing. Upon hearing this, she finds one she wants, reports to her husband and the purchase is made. The ride home is difficult.

"Rhian, you understand why I did this?" asks Salome of her slave.

"No! Salome! How could you just buy me!?" argues Rhian.

"Rhian," she cried, "that man was going to turn you into his slave. You are my childhood friend, I couldn't let that happen."

"Salome, I WORK here!"

"Rhian, he would have worked you! And not the way you think. I was once his remember?!"

Rhian steamed, but there was little he could do. He now belonged to the Sheik's favorite wife, the Sheikha, as her personal servant. And yes, childhood friend.

On their return to the palace, Salome dismissed her personal bathers, insisting on bathing Rhian herself. While undressing him, she explained the situation to him.

"Rhian," she said as she removed his shirt, "my husband has granted me his permission to have a slave of sorts. A sex slave. And I have chosen you."

Rhian looks about to explode. Salome places her finger to his mouth, "hear me out, please," she begs. Rhian stops, nods his head yes. As Salome removes the rest of Rihan's clothing, she explains.

"I overheard some of the wives discussing you one day. That you were in the same brothel I was kidnapped by, I knew I had to get you out of there. I had no idea Ali, my husband, was planning on buying me a sex slave. He presented me with the perfect escape for you."

Rhian eases into the warm bath...which is about as big as a small pool! There are scented oils Salome has on a tray. After choosing one, she pours the bottle into the pool.

"Rhian, watch me," Salome asks softly. She slowly slides her robe from her body. As it falls, her nakedness is revealed to Rhian. Her breasts, full and firm, are so creamy, with light pink nipples, pert and growing hard from the light breeze. Rhian's gaze slowly glides down to Salome's belly, smooth and firm but for a few faint stretchmarks from the children. Farther down, he spies her smooth skinned thighs, surrounding a small patch of short brown hair. He feels himself harden in anticipation.

Salome steps into the pool on the other end and glides over to Rhian. "Rhian," she says, "you must understand, I bought you to save you. But there is more. Ali granted me with you on the condition I would agree to have no more children. You are mine, and you will not be given the chance or the choice of buying your freedom in the future. Can you understand?"

Rhian nods his head. "So basically I'm yours til one of us dies, like marriage, right," he says sarcastically.

Bowing her head so he won't see her eyes, Salome answers quietly, "Yes."

Rhian goes to her, tips her head up, "Tell me why," he asks so sweetly, so sadly. As tears fall, Salome tells Rhian of Ali's new responsibilities as the Sheik. How she is his favorite, his Sheikha, but as she has done her duty and provided him with heirs, he must now focus on the other wives, and on his duties.

"Rhian, I am treated with the most special attention," she tells him. "I will do what it takes to please my husband, I love him. But I have needs as well. That is why he granted me with you. Please understand. I am his wife, he can use me at will, and I would go willing. But he has no use for me."

"Salome," Rhian says huskily, feeling aroused and engorged, "did you choose me to save me, or because you want me?"

Salome looks into Rhian's eyes. "Both, but mostly for me, for my wants, for my needs. Does that bother you?"

Rhian, fully erect, takes one of Salome's hands and, his eyes never leaving hers, guides it to his manhood. Gasping in shock, Salome tries to pull away. Rhian won't let go. "Salome, bathe me, please. Cleanse me for you, so I may please you."

Salome looks at Rhian, feeling dazed she reaches for the cloth to rub him down. As Rhian sits on the built in seat, Salome stands between his legs and slowly begins to wash his neck. As she washes him, Rhian places his hands on her hips. He slides his hands over her tight, round ass. Salome has reaches Rhian's chest, and as she rubs over his nipples, he moans in pleasure. Leaning forward, he grabs her nipple in his mouth, making Salome moan and forget to wash him.

Rhian stands, a full 6'2," so Salome can wash below his belly. The Sheikha just gazes at him. Tall, dark skinned, dark hair and golden-brown eyes. Salome glances at Rhian's erection. Then Salome reaches for something in a bottle, a cream, pours it into her hand and begins to rub Rhian's erection. Eyes closed, he moans, and Salome licks one of his nipples. His eyes pop open. Rhian places his hands on Salome's breasts and rubs her nipples between his fingers. Salome moans softly. Continuing her ministrations to Rhian's very well endowed manhood, she feels him begin to pulse. She slowly slides a hand over his sack, causing a hiss of air to be sucked in by Rhian, who is losing control. Slowly massaging Rhian's balls in one hand, and pumping his 11 inch cock with her other, Salome feels Rhian's pleasure mount and an orgasm begin.

"Salome, we're going to dirty the water in this big tub if you don't stop," Rhian groans through gritted teeth.

Salome just grins, slows to a stop, and begins to wash Rhians ass. As her fingers rub the sensitive opening, Rhian groans audibly. "Salome, my turn."

Rhian takes some of the cream and rubs Salome's breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples until she is pumping her hips in the water. Sliding his hand down to her pussy, Rhian slips a finger between her lips and rubs her clit as his other hand plays mercilessly with her nipple. Salome moans, "Rhian, please, I can't take much more." Rhian slides his hand off Salome's breast and down to her ass. As he fingers her tiny little opening, Salome groans louder, "Please Rhian!"

Rhian slid a finger into her pussy and proceeded to pump Salome. Moaning, Salome moved her hips in time with Rhian's hand. Rhian added a second finger. Faster, deeper. So caught up in the throes of ecstacy, Salome did not notice Rhian inch his finger into her ass until he started pumping it deeper. She cried out as she felt the orgasm wash over her. Rhian kept pumping until he saw beads of sweat forming on Salome's forehead. Slowly removing his finger from her ass, still pumping her pussy, Rhian bent in and kissed Salome deeply, tongues twisting, touching, wrapping around each other in a hint of what was yet to come. Pulling away slowly, Rhian removed his fingers from Salome's pussy.

Climbing out of the pool, they dry off quickly and Salome leads Rhian to the bed chamber they are to share. Just as they enter the room, Rhian picks up Salome and carries her to the huge 4-poster bed. The mesh curtains are closed on all but one side. There are steps leading up to the mattress. As Rhian climbs the steps, he leans in to lay Salome on the bed.

As Rhian lay next to her, Salome turned to the headboard, slid open a door and brought something out. "Ali bought these for me to use on myself," she says as she shows Rhian a butt plug with a vibrating egg and a huge dildo.

Rhian kisses Salome deeply, "you won't need those if you've got me," he tells her.

"Rhian, I have extensive needs. I'm telling you now, I may be your Mistress, but I want you to know that when we are alone together you are to use me. Do you know what I mean?"

Rhian looks at Salome confused. "Rhian, I want to taste all of the sexual experiences there are. Can you, will you help me? Please?"

Rhian looks at the toys, looks at Salome, "You want me to make love to you?"

Salome nods yes. Rhian asks, "You want me to just take you, as a husband would a wife? And also be loving, as a lover?"

"Yes, please," she begs, "Can you? Rhian, I've not been sexual for over a year. I've been waiting for Ali. I'm hot, I'm tight, and I need you. Not sex, you. For all intents and purposes, in our rooms, you are my husband. Does this bother you?"

Rhian took Salome's face in his hands, "I will share you with Ali because I have to, not because I want to. After the reaction I just got from you, I don't know how he can neglect you."

Seeing tears begin to well in her eyes, Rhian kisses Salome again.

"Now, I want to use you!," he says. Rhian grabs Salome's nipples and begins pinching them. He leans down and takes one in his mouth, licks it, sucks it, bites it. Salome is squirming, moaning.

As Rhian looks up, he sees straps from the posts. He grins wickedly at Salome and ties her hands to the straps. "To stop you from stopping me," Rhian says. "I think I will use those toys Ali bought for you after all. Tell me, is your ass still a virgin Salome?"

"Rhian, I am yours," Salome pleads, "Please, do not hurt me."

Rhian just grins. Grabbing the lube off the table, Rhian puts a blob onto Salome's tight opening to her ass. She moans, "It's cold, Rhian!" Laughing Rhian uses a finger to slowly pump into Salome's ass. Resistance is met almost instantly. "Salome,, relax, I promise you'll enjoy it," Rhian says softly.

Feeling his breath on her clit as he speaks, Salome moans and spreads her legs, relaxing. Feeling her muscles relax, Rhian moves his finger again, slowly blowing hot breath onto Salome's clit. Licks, so quick, feather-light, shoot out lasers of heat into her body. As Rhian gives Salome's clit quick licks, she moans, squirms, not realising Rhian's finger is now deep in her ass. As Rhian goes down to suck Salome's clit, he pulls his finger out of her ass slowly, leaving only the tip in. "OH YES!, Please Rhian! It feels so good!"

Hearing her encouragement, Rhian reaches for the butt plug shaped like a dick. Wider than his finger, but shorter, he knows Salome will tense when she feels it. Deciding quickly, Rhian brings Salome close to orgasm. Right before Salome cums, Rhian removes his finger all the way and slides it back in. "OH MY GOD," yells Salome, on the brink of orgasm.

Still sucking and licking her clit, Rhian waits, and just as Salome screams in ecstacy, Rhian slides the plug all the way up Salome's ass.

Feeling the stretch and burn of the plug, Salome's scream changes. "Rhian, oh god, take it out!"

"NO! It stays, Salome. You are mine!"

Taking the egg vibrator and putting it into Salome's wet pussy, Rhian turns it on. "Mmmm, Rhian, stop. What is that?"

"That would be the vibrating part of the plug that's up your ass. It'll help you enjoy it."

Not looking convinced, but getting very turned on, Salome lifts her head towards Rhian. "Kiss me please, Rhian."

"Gladly my Salome."

While kissing her, Rhian lines up his dick with Salome's pussy and starts to enter her. Gasping at the feel of his large cockhead entering her tight pussy, Salome tries to move. Rhian pulls out and breaks the kiss, "Relax, you can't go anywhere, Salome, and I won't hurt you. Watch me slide in, Salome," Rhian orders her.

Salome watches and feels as his cockhead pushes the egg deeper into her, stretching her, burning. "Aawhh, Rhian," she groans! Rhian leaves the vibe on. Leaning down he moans into Salome's ear, "Ooh yeah, my own vibrating pussy. And you get a vibrating cock. Moan for me Salome, beg me to fuck you!"

Feeling so good, Salome was unable to stop the moan. It came on it's own, bringing with it a stream of words, "yes Rhian, Please, fuck me, fuck my pussy hard, please Rhian, Please." Rhian was so close, and the egg was bringing him closer. He turned it off. Pulled out to make sure the plug was still in Salome's ass nice and tight by pushing on it. She moaned louder. "Get ready Salome, You asked, Now receive!"

Rhian slid his cockhead in slowly at first, meeting some resistance about 2 inches in from Salome's unused pussy. Pushing harder into her, Rhian felt a slight pop as his huge cock slid deep into Salome's pussy. Moaning loudly, "oh god, oh god, oh god," Salome moved with Rhian. Once all the way in, Rhian gave them both a minute to adjust. Sucking on a sensitive spot on Salome's neck, Rhian began slowly fucking her. Turning on the egg, Rhian felt Salome's walls pulsing around him, felt and heard her moans as he fucked her faster. Pussy juice was dripping down his balls as they slapped her ass and the plug that was in it.

"Fuck yeah, oh yes, fuck me Rhian, fuck me! I am your Mistress, you will do as I say. Fuck me hard Rhian," yelled Salome!

Not wanting to disappoint her, and feeling too good to stop, Rhian pressed on, fucking her tight pussy as fast and as hard as he could, shaking the bed against the wall, pushing Salome's head into the headboard. Salome was practically screaming as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, through her. As Salome erupted in orgasms, the clenching of her pussy walls rocketed Rhian into his own orgasm. Bigger, harder, he felt his cock grow and explode deep into Salome's pussy. "Uuuhh, yeah, yeah," he groaned as he emptied into her.

As Salome lay there, Rhian kissed her again. "Thank you for buying me, Mistress Salome. I hope I have pleased you, My Sheikha," Rhian said with a smile.

"As do I," voiced Ali from behind them.

Jumping at the sound, Rhian moved to dismount Salome. Ali calmed him. "I bought you to please her, so I do hope you were satisfactory. Well, My Salome?"

Salome, lost in the afterglow of being well fucked, simply nodded a positive reply to her husband. "Good. If not I give you this one and only opportunity to trade."

Salome replied, "No my Lord, he is most satisfactory."

With that, Ali reminded Rhian he was never to be allowed to buy his freedom from the Sheikha for he has privileges no one but the Sheik has. "Do you understand Rhian, you are here for good?"

"Yes Your Highness, I understand," Said Rhian with a bowed head.

"Good. My Salome, I leave you to your most capable servant. In public, Rhian will not accompany you, only on Palace grounds, understood?"

"One more thing," the Sheik said as he turned to leave, "Salome is still my wife, and as such I will still require her services, in and out of the bedroom. Do not forget that." As the two stunned lovers nodded "yes," the Sheik left the room as quietly as he had entered.

"Salome, that was just wierd!," replied Rhian.

Salome, still basking, still feeling after effects, asked Rhian to please untie her.

"Oh man, I am SO sorry Salome, I forgot! Please forgive me." Rhian quickly untied Salome's hands. As soon as she was freed, she moved to wrap her arms around Rhian.

"Rhian, Ali was pleased, do not fear." Looking into Rhian's eyes, Salome leaned in to kiss him, tasting her own musk on his lips.

Moaning again, getting hard quickly, Rhian wrapped his arms around Salome and kissed her with much enthusiasm.

"Rhian, that plug's still in my ass, and it's making me wet. Are you up to more?" Grinning widely, Salome released Rhian and turned to face her ass to him while on her hands and knees.

Erect cock sticking out stiff and hard, Rhian smiled. "Salome, I have to fuck your ass with the plug. It'll help get you ready for my cock."

"Rhian that's not funny!," a shocked Salome replied.

"Salome, relax, I haven't hurt you and I won't. You'll enjoy it SO much. I've watched the girls in the brothel, they begged for more! So will you."

Feeling Rhian's hands sliding over her ass, Salome relaxed and moaned at the sensations of her ass full with the plug. Suddenly she jumped and squealed! Rhian had just slapped her ass!

"What the hell was that for," she demanded! No answer, just another slap. Curiously enough, it felt good, and she moaned almost against her will. She realised each slap made her ass tighten around the plug, made her pussy wetter.

Rhian pushed the plug into her and then pulled it out. As he put it into her ass again, there was less resistance. Pulling it all the way out and poking it all the way in...5 inches long, 2 inches at it's widest, Salome's ass was really getting fucked!

While Rhian is doing this, Salome is moaning, yelping, begging, pleading, "No, stop, oh god, please, oh yeah, ooowww, fuck, oh, oh, Rhian, stop, oh god, oh god, oh fuck, RHIAN!" As she tries to push him away he places her hands on her ass and has her spread her cheeks. He adds a big blob of lube again..."Rhian that's COLD!," shouts Salome. Grabbing the dildo, Rhian puts the head into Salome's ass. She squeals.

"Get used to it baby," he says, "I'm alot bigger than this tiny toy!"

Poking the head in and out of Salome's ass is getting easier and making Salome's pussy drip. Rhian doesn't even warn her just slides the didlo, all 9 inches, into her ass! Screaming, "Rhian, NO, please!" Salome begs Rhian to stop. Rhian leaves the dildo in Salome's ass and turns on the egg in her pussy, slowly pulling it out with the wire. As she moans, Rhian slides the dildo a bit. Using his finger, Rhian positions the egg right where Salome's g-spot is, and turns it on full vibe! Soon Salome's shuddering as she feels a wave leading up to an orgasm begining deep in her womb.

Rhian is now fucking Salome's ass with the dildo, fast. He can tell by her breathing that she's about to have an orgasm. His cock is dripping. He decides to get in front of Salome and feed her his cock as he fucks her ass with the dildo.

Wantonly grabbing Rhian's dick and sucking it furiously, Rhian comes close to the edge of orgasm. Sticking his cock deeper into her mouth, nearly choking her, he slows Salome down. Watching the dildo practically disappear into Salome's ass is soon more than Rhian can stand. He's never fucked an ass before, and Salome's was a virgin ass! Tight, big dick heaven! Pulling out of Salome's mouth, Rhian says, "I HAVE to fuck that ass, Salome! I have fantasised about it since I first saw you all those years ago. I have to feel it squeezing my dick, milking every last drop of cum out of me!"

Not giving Salome a chance to protest, Rhian pulls the dildo out and slides his cock in!

"Oh My God! Rhian, ooohhh, Oh, FUCK YEAH! Fuck me Rhian, fuck my ass, shoot your hot sticky seed deep into my ass. Fill my ass with Rhian juice!"

In a matter of minutes, less than 2, Rhian has fucked deep into Salome's ass and spilled his seed into her. Still pumping as Salome finishes her orgasm, Rhian feels Salome's ass squeezing him, milking him. Removing his dick slowly from Salome's ass, Rhian pulls down the covers of the bed.

Crawling under the covers, Rhian cuddles Salome, kissing her, caressing her.

"That was the most incredible sex I've ever had," She tells him dreamily.

"Well, you are my Mistress, My Sheikha, and I will please you. It is my thanks to you for buying me. That, and I've wanted you for so long, Salome. Many years. And now, you are mine. My Salome."

"I am yours, and you are mine. Now let us sleep so that later you may make love to me sweetly."

Closing her eyes, Salome fell asleep dreaming of the most incredible sexual experience she'd ever had ... with Ali!

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