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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ragging By College Girls (Erotic Story)

When I was studying in local college, I was ragged severe by senior girls. This was my first day in the college and the attendance had already been taken. The entire class was in the hands of senior girls. My all the seniors were girls. Their leader was the girl named Sujata. I was doing my B.Sc. In biology group. In my class all the student were girls except two boys. Sujata and her friends entered the class room and take the introduction of all the class students including the boys.

She said that boys would be ragged in special ways, all the boys of class should be ready to be ragged by girls. Next day , in afternoon she and her friends stormed into the class room when the period of Botany was vacant. Sujata announced before all of us "be ready for real ragging, all of you have to do whatever we say to do, otherwise you all will have to face bad consequences. If you make complain of us to the management of college, management will not listen to you. So there is no way to escape. Do as we say to you". Then she began to discuss something with her friends in low voice. After a while they agreed to something then she ordered all the girls of the class to rise their hands. We boys were perplexed at her way. After a few moments she ordered us to take murga position in front of girls. We took murga position. She said "we will take your ragging one by one, we will call the name and the named student will have to stand before us and will have to do as we say him/her to do"She called the name of first girl of the class and the girl was stood before her. She ordered her to kneel before her. Now, the girl whose name was Asha kneeled before Sujata. Sujata ordered her to unlace the shoes of her and kissed her feet. Asha had to carry out her order.

The next term was of a girl named Manisha. Sujata slapped her many time and asked her to kick the murgas (junior boys), she had to kicked us on our bums.These type of methods were adopted by senior girls to rag the junior girls. Now it was our turn. Senior girls have plan to rag the junior students severely. They took us to the old building behind the college. The building was abandoned and nobody went to the old building. It was guarded by the watchmen of college at night, but in the morning, watchmen had to watch the main building and the entry gate of the college so the old building was secluded and totally neglected during the daytime.when we entered the old building, the senior girls took us to a room at the corner of the building. They shut the door of room. Sujata said that now the ragging of you boys was being started. All of you line up."
We immediately lined up.

Now Sujata asked us to remove our shirts. We had to obeyed her order. All the senior girls were looking at us with lust in their eyes. Now sujata asked us to kiss the feet of each girl presented in the room. We carried out her command with silence. Now her friend Sushma came forward and asked me to come near her, as I went near her she began to slap me on my face. Other girls did the same they began to slap the other two boys. After beating us severely girls asked us to rub our noses before them. We had to do so. After fives minutes of nose rubbing , they let us free and said that ragging was not over, it is just a starting. Prepare for the ragging of the next day.Next day senior girls caught me alone and took me to the old building behind the college. On reaching a room, they closed the door and said that now you were alone and we were total six girls. Ready for everything. We could do anything with you. I was shivering with fear. They ordered me to remove my shirt , I had to do so and remained shirtless before them. Then Sushma asked me for my introduction. I gave my Introduction and all the girls listened it with heed. After introduction they asked me to take off my vast. Now I was half naked before the girls, they were looking at my naked chest, belly and navel. One of the girls asked me the size of my waist. I could not give the answer to the question. She slapped me for not giving her the answer. Another girl asked for measuring the size. Sujata had a measuring tap with her and she give it to the girl and the girl measured the size of my waist and chest. She said how thin his size was. Now Sujata ordered me to become murga. When I become murga, she put her shoes on my back and said if the shoes dropped, you would have to become murga for extra fifteen minutes.

After putting shoes, she went behind me and began to move her fingers on my bums. As her fingers touched my bums, a strong feeling of excitement began to run into my body. I was quivering with excitement which was increasing second by second. Within ten minutes, my thighs began feeling pain, my brain was feeling throbbing as if it were hammering inside the brain, heart was throbbing at higher rate and my limbs were almost lifeless. A coldness was running through my spine.After ten minutes, she release me from murga position. Now senior girls ordered me to take off my trousers. I stunned on hearing this order. I refused to obey their order but Sujata said that it would be better for you to remove your trousers, otherwise we would had to remove your trousers by force, it would be more humiliating to you. I hesitated for a while, my face turned into red with shame and humiliation. She said that you had your underwear beneath your pants, why you were feeling shame, hurry up, remove your pants. Saying this she approached towards me and said that come on, hurry up, otherwise we girls would remove your trousers infront off all junior girls. It was disastrous to me but I removed my pants.

A wave of laughing spread all over the room when I removed my trousers. All the girls were laughing and pointing at my lower parts of body. Sushma was staring at my lower parts of body. Sushma ordered me to parade across the room. After a while they decided to made me wear the clothes of girls. Sujata bring out a secret from her carry bag and ordered me to wear it. When I wore it, she gave me a top and I had to wear the top too. then they produced before me the scandals, nose ring, lipsticks, nail polish and a wig. I had to wore scandals and nose ring. Three senior girls applied nail-polish, bindi and nose rings. after all these stuffs, Sujata gave me a panty and ordered me to go to the out of room and remove the underwear and wear the panty and come back as soon as possible. I obeyed her order and now I was standing before the girls. All the girls were giggling at me. Sujata said that now he was looking like a girls and any boy could like her and sex her. Hearing this comment, all the girls began to laugh. After few minutes they asked me to remove my make up and to wear my own clothes. Sujata said that rest of his ragging would be done the next day. She said to me that if you did not attend the college next day, you would be ragged removing your clothes before junior girls of class. In next day, when I reached college Sujata, sushma and a other senoir girl caught me at the gate of college and led me to a car parked near the college. They offered me a seat in the car and said that they ragged me outside the college at a flat Sujata was driving the car. after fifteen minutes of driving the car reached at the flat. The flat was locked. Sujata unlocked the door of flate and we entered the flat.

The flat had been vacant for the few months. girls closed the door and took me to the drawing room. there were a few articles of furniture in the flat. All the girls sit on the bed. I was standing before the girls. They asked me to sit down on the nearby chair and take some rest. Sujata took out her mobile and began to invite other girls of her friends for my ragging. Sushma went to the kitchen and bring out some canes of soft drinks. she offered me plane water to drink. Sujata said to me that today was the last day of your ragging and teasing. after some time all of her gang was presented in the room and be ready for taking my ragging. Now Sujata asked me to stand up and take off all my clothes. silently, I stood and took off my shirt and trousers and looked at them. all of the girls were filled with lust.

Sujata : "remove rest of clothes too".

I was stunned hearing her command. I refused her command. She asked me again to remove my underwear. I was very nervous and was denying her command.

Sujata : "lets girls, do something for him, he is not showing us his nunni (penis)"

Sushma : "do not shy ! show us your n**".

Me : "no please"

Sujata : "We will no laugh at you, lets show us."

Me : "I can not"

Another girl : "He will not show us Nunni without punches and kicking".

Sujata : "If you do not show us your Nunni, we will not let you free and will beat you. Anita is expert in karate and she will handle you."

Sushma : "Anita, go ahead and show you skill on his bones."

me : "Please let me go, do not treat me so badly"

Anita : "I warn you for last time. Remove your underwear with your hands, otherwise I will first beat you and than will remove your underwear with my own hands. Do you like to be beaten by a karate girl, do you ?"

Saying this, she moved forward and tightened her fist before me. At the same time Sujata moved forward and come very close to me. I tried to move back but suddenly Sujata bowed and stretched her hand towards my underwear and held the waistband of the underwear. I began to quiver with fear and shame.

All of sudden Anita held my hands tightly and turned them towards my backside. I was in pain as Anita was was twisting my hands and fingers.
Now Sujata was free to remove my underwear but she stands still and said to other girls "Attention please ! look carefully, I was going to show you a nunni".

All the girls began laughing. Tear were moved out of my eyes.

Sujata : "oh ! he is weeping like a tiny girl".

Sushma "but is looking very cute."

Anita : "Do not kill time, pull down his underpants"
Sujata pulled down my underwear. All the girls were staring at my organs with curiosity and lust.

Sujata : "How cute his nunni".

Anita : "I like it "

Sushma began to run her fingers on my penis. I was filling with sexual excitement. Her fingers were working like magic and waves of excitement were running all across my body. My penis was caged in her fingers. After some time my penis began to erect. Now Sujata was playing with my penis, I was in state of semi consciousness.

I was plunged in sexual excitement and humiliation that I was not able to resist the girls. Now My penis was rock hard. Sushma : " I think we will take some more ragging on him, lets stop and leave him alone for a while. thus, we will tease his penis and can take pleasure for a few is our day and we have no hurry".

Actually they were teasing my penis. after a few minutes, they again started to play with my organ and when I was about to ejaculate, they stopped playing and they did this to me for at least two hours.During these two hours, my ejaculation was denied several times. I reached to the prime of ejaculation but not permitted to ejaculate.


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