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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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Bollywood Hit Movie Dabangg Hero Salman Khan Dancing Party On Sunday Nights with Heroine Sonakshi SinhaSunday night was Sonakshi Sinha on the location of Dabangg lunch with one of the twins are concerned, and in the evening, the mother Poonam Sinha Sonakshi for the second twin.
Identical twins confusion “double entry in the party, insisted on calling all twins Salman Sinha” Luv-Kush.
The Observer says: “Salman for each twin to go beyond Mr. Sinha (for the record was Luv Sinha, who was accompanied by his mother) Therefore, much later, after midnight, shortly after. Ms. Sinha went with his son, the second twin is Sonakshi (Kush Sinha). Salman played safety shown separately as “Luv-Kush.
Dabangg A source said: “When Salman can see how many brothers and Sonakshi he calls the” Luv-Kush, just in case. Although different in many ways the two men, Salman has always confused about what it is that both Sinha. So no matter what the twins, sees, he calls himself. ”
On Sunday evening, held Dabangg Salman Khan and his party until 7:00 Mon
Life Lounge Juhu, Salman Dabangg team could not stop dancing on the dance floor with each client Munni. Among the gang did not fall Dabangg Aamir Khan, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and David Dhawan.
About 2 o’clock, when the group was: Fri, Bandra invited Salman to go home to continue the party.
Sono secret, he says, “The film is essentially non-Salman friends, and some of us … Dabangg Sonakshi team, me and many others who, following the original Salman. We were there until to 4 hours. When Salman took a member of the construction of our house. It concluded at 7 pm.
In fact, the group began Sunday afternoon in Ramesh Tauran brunch for the wedding of his brother’s wife
Sonu said: “I’m not good side Gower. Do not drink at all. But I must say Dabangg sides, especially after the party at Salman made me feel special. Salman took me under their wings. He told me be careful, I have to do for themselves within a year.
At night I give is one of the clock. ”
Salman house developed projects Dabangg number two.
The secret, says, “which gives the contents of his twin brother, I Singh Safed line,” Safed Phail chamatkar door key so high. “Salman Stock.
Abhinav Kashyap Our director has already started writing a sequel.
Bollywood Talented Black Beaity Heroine Deepika Padukone ready for RACE2 Movie
Deepika Padukone, Om Shanti Om is very small ball. Ola has demonstrated that hard work and perseverance are the two most important keys to success.
Since mercury Council was able to win the heart of audiences with her performances in the majority steering “CCC” Video, gradually got a strong field presence.
Movies Bachchna Ae Haseeno, Aaj easy love, Karthik Karthik ring, complete, etc., has shown how moves very talented as the star Break Ke Baad and Khelein Hum Jaan Ji is very promising both for the various reports going around.
But to add another feather in the cap of feathers almost new is now considered part of the hit movie Abbas Mastan super fight fight for the love of God.
Well, since the film was a super duper success of female stars like Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy, with their male counterparts, Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan, is now expected to young players like TODAY ‘Today is criticized, it is rather complex issue of proposals to experience the heart to win the race.
But the fact that Priyanka Chopra is now a thing of the past RACE2 past, Deepika and Kareena are likely now that they have a bag of women as heroes.
Well, Deepika on how to make a RACE2, how to be a star, perhaps less difficult for her!

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Pregnancy Rumors Speculated in Dubai Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has started to circle. Rumors, this time about her pregnancy is not India but also in Dubai.
Ash is assumed that some interviews in Dubai, but canceled at the last minute that gave rise to speculation among the small community of Native journalists in the Middle East.
“If this is not a borderline case of curry in India, which is slowly but surely, the sound of the end mill fire diva classic rash that was pregnant,” he told a local newspaper in Dubai.
Sources told the newspaper that the fire was not very good, and canceled the interview.
This is not the first time the sound of your pregnancy, we are.Finally, marriage was the largest in the world of Bollywood when the Bachchans confirm this news would certainly be the most important, too. Should be left alone and give them the benefit of the doubt, and honor to create your own ad.

Beautiful Heroine Asin dual role appears in a latest Bollywood Movie

There is good news for all fans of ASIN. After ,Watch Ghajini Dasavatharam will be released next Friday.
While the Tamil version was released in June last year, called
Hindi comes after a hiatus of nearly a year. It is interesting that ASIN
A dual role in the film. She plays a woman twice in the 12 century
And Century 21. Indeed, the two roles, playing Brahmin woman. USP film, Kamal Hassan ten different pieces ,Role in the film. The other female lead in the film Mallika Sherawat. “ASIN Take the role was originally intended Vidya Balan, says industry
Inside information “but due to date problems, had to abandon the project Vidya
ASIN Grip ”
Argues that the agreement to work really helped ASIN Dasavatharam
Standing in the industry. “He has a lot of films with his performance
On a scale similar to the problem of Tamil Ghajini.
Hindi version of Ghajini came much later Shares instead. “In the film, characters played ASIN Kotha
Radha Andaal, opposite Kamal Hassan and 12 and 21 century
respectively.The story of Dasavatharam is a scientist
The loss of biological weapons of mass destruction in the United States.
The weapons also tend to be the CIA’s use of high-level personnel. That’s when
The former researcher at the official opening of the CIA’s master cat and mouse
“The activity of commercial films
The increase in expenditure of about Rs 60 lakh, according to a trade expert at Chennai
“After his release, Dasavatharam has become one of the biggest blockbusters
the history of Tamil cinema articles globe.Moreover, most
The comments have been positive, although this film has survived the centuries. “Film
Who has time to three hours, took nearly three Dasavathaaram
Years to reach the target after its creation in 2005.
The main movie was good, because the soundtrack was written by Himesh
Reshammiya. The film was released in Tamil and Telugu, in June 2008, but in Hindi
Version took some time. At this point, also seems more
Possibility of more options, such as multiplexers manufacturers strike / V LED
Non-arrival of any new film in Hindi.
Therefore, there is a sudden release of Dasavatharam
Friday. Well, it works only for the fans who stayed to do ASIN
Since he made his debut with Ghajini mobile phones last year. Now, ASIN
Dasavatharam treatment a dual role, should be double
Power to the public.

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Bollywood Heroine Cute Kareena Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

Posted: 07 Oct 2011 08:39 AM PDT

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Famous Ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani 2010 Katrina Kaif calendar Photos Pictures wallpapers

Ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani year final extension of 48 stars to mark the end of the decade of records. This year, he returned with the usual number of 24 stars, but in black and white. On the other hand, some old favorites, some new names were added to a list. Speaking schedule tells Dabboo .. “All the stars are convinced that this will solve my request, because we believe in them, when they discussed the idea with them, are pleased to continue the exchange, as usual. My three or four different ideas with the player. If I am convinced that working with him. It is important to ensure that if the model can refer to the image he can give 100 percent to it.
Make a calendar for many years. It makes me look to the next level. In 2000, she released her first album, I gave some of his friends and people I worked with. But the response was encouraging, I felt something to do on a regular basis. Each year, I pushed to get my job last year. It helps me grow as a photographer. I’ve always been shooting the business magazines, movies, but this year is my creative outlet.
Our space is to give pictures of Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan in the calendar. Now we can give you some new pictures of Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Vidya Balan and Dabboo to say, each of them.
Ratnani all praise for Katrina: “It is very attractive and very good images, adds a great effort to make each drawing, you continue to give the image that is complemented by Hurricane Katrina will go to any extent to show a incredible image .. ..
He talks about Priyanka Chopra said: “. .. This is a very photogenic gives the best of their photo sessions as being in front of the camera worked, modeling days Priyanka and the chemistry that binds us together is just great ”
Ratnani that Vidya Balan also lose their inhibitions, “the woman said:” This is one of the best images ever Vidya. I think it is always open to experiences. She trusts me completely, that trust is very convenient for my work environment. ”
Katrina hot spicy romance with Akshay Kumar , Bollywood Heroine Katrina Kaif latest hot
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Actor Amitabh Bachchan may be 70 years old, but do not stop the passion of this man of cinema. Emperor of Bollywood Hema Malini romance set Raveena Tandon and their children in “Buddha”.
It is up to the romance of the old school with Hema, who starred in the classic film “Enter Pe Satta. Over the years, have an important role in many films, many of them are known” Baghban. “It was the last time we saw along the screen in 2006″ Baabul, which was removed by Ravi Chopra.
In addition, hot, interesting, Big B has a hero of “Buddha” as a wonderful Raveena Tandon. Amitabh old man character is a young at heart. This modern apes, I hate when people treat him like an old man. These sports and hair dyed clothing funky update with accessories.
Originally, actress Juhi Chawla and prohibitions (played in “Cheeni Kam) also appears in this role now fell to his knees high consumption. But hush Ravin, says nothing is finalized yet.
The average budget for a film go on floors in March this year.

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Bollywood Film Actress Bipasha Basu Hot sex nude scene with Co-star Josh Hartnett. Heard in Hollwood Movie Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu hot bags of rice project in Hollywood, to send to the Oscars “by director Roland Joffe, Bipasha Basu, compared the forty days and forty nights, the star Josh Hartnett. Heard that sexual beauty is ready to make a series of Whirlpool scene with co-stars as well.
When asked, Bipasha Basu, he considered the matter, said he was in seventh heaven these days! “This project is something new and interesting to me.” Working with Roland and the other Idol stars Josh Hartnett as a dream, “said Bipasha Basu in the tabloids.
As the film is a passionate affair with a bodyguard of British soldiers in India, two different time zones, no doubt, to see up close and personal with Josh Hartnett, the script requires this kind of scenes.
According to the girl, if you can take a few steps (jism) kisses her co-star Ranbir Kapoor (Bachna Haseeno AEY), which is not her boyfriend, who is the panic of making a movie scene in Hollywood.
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Bollywood rookie Ranveer Singh recently made her debut at the helm Baaj Baaraat Anushka Sharma, and confirmed that two very good friends. They are not worried by rumors that the two relationships. Ranveer said. ? She and I are good friends how I can change the truth just because it sounds corny to even talk to our suffering people. ” As for the rumors floating around these days, “he said,” I was too much of my work, even to know the rumors. I just want to do good, and that was my only interest. In fact, I would go with a girl from a random phone call changed my life Yashraj. So far, I was not in a serious relationship and my career has just begun. ”
When asked about the first edition Baaj Baaraat said: “I think after this movie I’m doing something totally opposite character of the people are stubborn, strong and fair ..”
Phone Yashraj changed my life, “was completely out of nowhere with a scout Shanu Sharma. I remember my meeting and called me the day Shanu. I tried to stop the calls until I can not because I have different things for me this time. Imagine if you have not received a phone call that day Yashraj launch, which took only ten days! Anyway Yashraj next day I took two steps, and do not recall, in three days. Later, Mr. Adi said he decided for me now. ”
There were rumors that his father financed the film, said: “Yes, there are rumors of bad for me and bad things to get pleasure from being the first solo hero begins Yashraj proud of my family I made myself. . It is clear, was seen as an accomplishment small for me. I’m proud of myself, and I believe that fate, do not even listen.

Bollywood rookie Ranveer Singh recently made her debut at the helm Baaj Baaraat Anushka Sharma, and confirmed that two very good friends. They are not worried by rumors that the two relationships. Ranveer said. ? She and I are good friends how I can change the truth just because it sounds corny to even talk ...

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The warming of Fame group Baarat Baaj, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, who studies the fourth coup in the next film in Patiala House said that the recent trip in the music player.
“After the band Baaj Baarat people see me differently. I saw a new light. Now that I saw the actress basis. There are many good things that a lot of satisfaction in my own way. I feel the comfortable with the industry, “said PTI Anuska. She gave three shots back to back with his first film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Badmash company Baaj Baarat band. The three films were produced under the banner of Yash Raj. Today we will see later Patiala House Nikhil Advani with Akshay Kumar.
“It’s nice for me because my three films have in common. I hope that the release of Patiala House, and hopefully not be affected. BBB reports on the success that I have several offers, but I’m very picky about the movie. I was the only thing that fascinates me, “said Anna.
Patiala House shows how the second generation of Sikhs Guttu (Akshay Kumar) and his brothers and sisters in London, had delayed their dreams of love and respect for an authoritarian father (Rishi Kapoor) meets with Simran Guttu (Anushka) who gives strength to realize his dream. The film tells the story of generations and pursue their dreams.
When asked if there is resistance and pressure from their parents in real life, the actress of 22 years said: “I never felt any pressure from my family. I wanted to be a model, and my parents were fine with. When he wanted to be an actress, and my parents were fine with it too. I never felt pressure from parents … so I’m happy. ”
For its part, says Anna, I study the character, a girl Simran in London, the first film, the father and son is controversial, but my work is very important to have something that should be a catalyst for driving change … …. This girl is so strong.

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