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Friday, October 21, 2011

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Britney Spears Wallpapers

Britney Spears Wins Small Battle In Custody Hearing

LATEST: Britney Spears has won a boost in her child custody battle following a hearing in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning. Sealed documents were reviewed in a closed court session, and though the existing custodial arrangement remains in place between the singer and her ex-husband Kevin Federline, both parties insist there has been progress. Spears custody rights were suspended in January after police and emergency services were called to the singer's home after she refused to hand over one of her sons to a Federline bodyguard following a visitation period. Ever since then Spears has been fighting to regain visitation. The arrangement was modified a month ago when Federline agreed his troubled ex could spend time with their sons again as long as the visits were properly supervised. And speaking outside court after Tuesday s hearing Federline s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan called the court meeting a step going forward for both his client and Spears. He said The order that was in place has remained in place but there has been a graduated expansion of time. Kaplan was complimentary about Spears progress following her commitment to a psychiatric ward in February, and credited her father Jamie who has been given full control of his daughter's personal affairs, for adding stability to her life. Federline s attorney said What was a seemingly daily situation in extreme flux has been stabilized. As WENN went to press there were no fixed details as to how the custody deal would change. Following the hearing a statement from Spears' parents read We are so pleased with Britney's progress and we are very appreciative of the court s recognition of this progress. A progress hearing will be held on July 15 and another hearing will be held in August to review "how the modified custody arrangement has evolved.
Audience council award for Mohanlal Kavya Madhavan

Even though Mohanlal is going through tough times as the commercial run of his films are concerned, he is gaining more and more accolades for the performances in the films that he had done last year.The latest award that the actor is fetching for 2007 is the Film Audience Council Awards, which was announced a couple of days back. Mohanlal won the award for the best actor for his performance in the movie 'Paradesi' which featured him as an old man of eighty, fighting for his rights to be on the land that he loved most.The same movie ’Paradesi’ (directed by PT Kunju Mohammed) also won the award for best film of the year. Kavya Madhavan was selected as the best actress. Lal Jose's ‘Arabikatha' was named as the second best film of the year, while Ranjith won the award for the best director.
Kavya Madhavan in KP Kumarans next

Kavya Madhavan, the Malayalam actress known for her stunning performances playing competent roles in all her films, will be portraying the character of Kunji Pathumma in K.P. Kumaran’s next film, Ente Uppoppakku Oraana Udaarnu, based on Vaikkom Mohammed Basheer’s novel with the same name. Kavya’s last release was Kangaroo, starring opposite Prithviraj. She has signed a new film Maadambi opposite Mohanlal, directed by Unnikrishnan, produced by V. C. Joshy with Jagathy, Jayasurya, Sreenivasan and Siddhique also in the cast.
Kavya I Stand By My Rules

Kavya Madhavan is pretty adamant about her work ethics. She says that she wont compromise on her ethics come what may. She�d rather wither away from the industry. Kavya says she will never agree to do glam roles as it goes beyond her moral values. She thinks the way you are dressed does not define your value as a performer. And thankfully Kavya is still a favorite with the masses despite her de-glam role.She has many hits to her name. The most memorable being the Malayalam movie Thilakkam in which she starred opposite superstar Dileep. In Thilakkam she either wore a Pattu Paavadai or a Saree. I�ve watched that film and I must say no one can look more impressive than her in those humble attires. In Tamil, her most famous work is Sadhu Miranda. She hasn�t done any more Tamil films as they all involved her to be a bit glamorous.Hats off to Kavya Madhavan for trying to live up to the traditional values!

Top Model Saleisha Stowers defends prior Tyra Banks relationship

Despite her prior history with America's Next Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks, ninth-season champ Saleisha Stowers apparently feels she didn't have an edge in the recently concluded competition.
"Honestly, I feel that everything is done fair and square," Stowers told reporters during a Thursday conference call. "There's more than one judge, and I really think that every judge has their own opinion on the show. If they didn't feel like I deserved to be America's Next Top Model, than I wouldn't. I did work hard to earn this, and I feel like I deserve it... I think I was chosen fairly like every other girl to be on the show."
Stowers -- a 21-year-old receptionist from Los Angeles, CA -- saw her relationship with Banks begin when she attended Banks' T-Zone camp for underprivileged girls as a 14-year-old."The camp wasn't a modeling camp," Stowers explained to reporters. "It was more like for girls who [had] low self-esteem. Girls like that. It had nothing to do with modeling."

While the T-Zone camp experience may have had nothing to do with modeling, Stowers' participation in a Gen Art fashion show that Top Model's sixth-season cast attended as well as a subsequent runway appearance on Banks' syndicated The Tyra Banks Show talk show definitely had to do with modeling, no matter how you spin it.

"Yeah, I did do a runway show on the Tyra Show. I did," said Stowers, who was one of about a dozen models that modeled designs by current Project Runway fourth-season contestant Rami Kashaou during a Tyra Banks episode that featured a fashion show of Kashaou's work. "I do believe that it does help me a little bit... But I don't feel it affects what the judges think." If anything, Stowers said her previous experience -- which also included a non-speaking role in a nationwide Wendy's commercial that aired last year -- made it more difficult for her to win the competition.

"I do feel like maybe [the judges] were a little harder on me. But I do feel I was judged equally and fairly, like every other girl," she explained. "I really don't think that any connection from T-Zone or the Tyra Show had anything to do with my critiques or judging."

While Top Model's eligibility requirements state potential contestants "must not have previous experience as a model in a national campaign within the last five years (including, but not limited to, appearances on television and print advertisements)," Stowers was presumably able to sidestep that because the Wendy's ad was considered acting rather than modeling.

(UPDATE: In a statement issued to E! News, The CW has confirmed that Stowers did disclose her Wendy's commercial role, and "after reviewing the commercial, it was determined that her appearance did not amount to 'modeling' experience, and therefore did not exclude her from participating in the show.")

"I've had prior little modeling gigs that I've done," Stowers told reporters. "They were nothing like extremely big. They were just certain little modeling gigs in L.A."

Stowers assured reporters the other Top Model ninth-season finalists "knew" of her previous modeling experience and her relationship with Banks.

"[It was] not something I wanted to use on the show because I don't feel that it had anything to do with how I was going to be judged or my position on the show," she said.
Stowers defeated Chantal Jones, a 19-year-old student from Austin, TX, to claim the ninth-season crown.

"I think that she was more advanced than I was of course... Like I said on the show, I'm an amateur... I probably did look like an amateur because that's what I am. Saleisha wasn't exactly an amateur," Jones told reporters during a separate Thursday conference call.

"When it came to [walking] the runway, definitely Saleisha was always everyone's biggest competitor, because her runway was incredible, she's very good and she taught us all a little bit, but we couldn't get it the way that she had it. Saleisha was my biggest competitor when it came to the runway, hands down."

However despite her comments, Jones also said Stowers couldn't be considered a "professional" model either, and added that Stowers experience was "good for the competition."

"I don't think the competition should be all girls that don't know anything. If you throw a girl in there that has some experience and that knows what she's doing a little bit more, I think it gives the competition a little bit of an edge, and it really helps to see who rises to the top," explained Jones, obviously backtracking over her previous comments. "I think that it's good that they put different people on there, and I think they should continue to do that... It makes you work harder."

Jones added that if she wasn't the one who was going to win Top Model 9, she'd glad it was Stowers.

"She's the only one that I would have wanted to win if it weren't me," said Jones. "Saleisha's the total package, and I think she's going to represent America's Next Top Model really well. I'm proud to have lost to her. She definitely won. I think that it was very fair."
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